The Russian National Youth Symphony Orchestra has also been functioning as a Symphony Academy since its very first days. Artistic workshops and master classes have always been essential for RNYSO, as the young musicians can benefit a lot from tutors representing Russia's and world's leading orchestras, Professional communication with outstanding performers is crucial for the development of orchestra musicians, giving them a powerful impetus to embrace a successful career. From their first years in the orchestra, they learn to live up to the highest standards of orchestra performing and to freely navigate through the diversity of music styles by mastering the widest possible repertoire.

Workshops are held for every orchestra instrument with no exception. The RNYSO Symphony Academy runs up to 15 dedicated courses every month, which makes over 650 classes and over 2500 academic hours of yearly training with leading musicians of Russia's and world's best orchestras, and professors of renowned music colleges. Among them, State Symphony Orchestra 'Evgeny Svetlanov', Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra, Russian National Orchestra, National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, Saint Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra, MusicAeterna, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Boston Symphony, Ensemble Matheus, Bolshoi, Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky orchestras; as well as Moscow, Kazan, Lugano and Brussels conservatories, Graz, Stuttgart and Boston music universities etc.

The Academy offers a unique empowering environment for symphony orchestra musicians, where strict enrolment rules match the continuous support of the performers through responding to their ambitions and enthusiasm. The project is very demanding for the participants as they have to face very intense academic, rehearsal and concert schedule while offering full professional and personal dedication, self-discipline, and a strong focuss. In return, young musicians take advantage of truly unparalleled environment, including excellent rehearsal rooms, rich concert calendar and the climate of unlimited creativity.

Such fruitful training programme is supported by state-of-the-art facilities in Philharmonia-2. The orchestra may use the large rehearsal hall, 6 rooms for group rehearsals, and regular practice rooms.