202210 March

“Dialogues with the 20th Century”

On 21 March, the Russian National Youth Symphony Orchestra will take part in the closing concert of the Moscow Philharmonic's “Dialogues with the 20th Century” subscription. The subscription has become part of an important repertoire programme for the 2021/22 season, entitled "Soviet musical Atlantis", which is dedicated to works by Russian composers of the 20th century that have been undeservedly forgotten or rarely performed. The 100th anniversary of the Moscow Philharmonic is a great occasion to turn to history and draw the attention of listeners to many names and works.

Under the direction of the outstanding conductor Alexander Lazarev, the orchestra will perform Avet Terteryan's grandiose Seventh Symphony (1987) for large symphony orchestra, dapa and tape recording; Terteryan dedicated it to Lazarev. Terteryan's symphonies are a unique experience, a ritual for the orchestra, built around transversal themes and strong contrasts. For the Russian National Youth Symphony Orchestra it is the first acquaintance with the composer's music and an important step in mastering a new musical language, a new sense of time and the original dramaturgy of the symphonic work.

The young musicians have already worked with Alexander Lazarev: thanks to maestro such a vivid score of the first half of the twentieth century as Respighi's "Festivals of Rome" appeared in their repertoire.

The first part of the evening will feature works by Aram Khachaturian, Terteryan's elder colleague: excerpts from the ballet "Spartacus" and Concerto for Violin and Orchestra will be performed. The solo will be played by Nikita Borisoglebsky, the winner of several international competitions and one of the most prominent violinists of his generation.