202312 April

Two world premieres in the concert of the cycle "The Whole Stravinsky"

RNYSO will take part in the third concert of "The Whole Stravinsky" cycle. On May 13, the Moscow Philharmonic completes the first season of the cycle, which involves the performance in chronological order of all the works of Igor Stravinsky.

Along with the famous "Petrushka" and other works, the public will be presented with two world premieres: for the first time in 110 years, Shaklovity's aria from Mussorgsky's opera "Khovanshchina" orchestrated by Stravinsky will be performed, and the Final Choir composed by Stravinsky for this opera will be performed in its original form for the first time . The Russian National Youth Symphony Orchestra and the State Academic Choir of Russia named after A. A. Yurlov will perform under Philip Chizhevsky, soloist Dmitry Cheblykov (baritone).

For the first time in history, absolutely all of Stravinsky's music is heard in one concert cycle, and this happens in his homeland. The author and presenter of the cycle Yaroslav Timofeev acts as a guide to the world of Stravinsky, and first-class soloists, choirs and orchestras perform, along with textbook pieces, rarities that were dear to the author and, perhaps, will become dear to listeners. In the first season of the cycle, all major works written before 1913 are heard.

The Russian National Youth Symphony Orchestra and Philip Chizhevsky will continue the All Stravinsky season ticket next season; the program of the concert on November 18 includes "Three Poems from Japanese Lyrics" for soprano and chamber orchestra, the opera "The Nightingale" and "The Rite of Spring".