202312 April

“Another space. Continuo". The Premiere Night

On April 15, at the Tchaikovsky Hall, Philipp Chizhevsky will present two premieres at the RNYSO console.

The first performance in Russia of Ligeti's Requiem is dedicated to the 100th birth anniversary of the composer, who was the brightest representative of the post-war European avant-garde. “This is a requiem for all mankind,” the author said about the composition. A grandiose work, requiring enormous performing forces, is rarely performed; its Russian premiere is an important cultural event.

The concert will open with the world premiere of the Spheres for piano, vibraphone and symphony orchestra by Alexei Sysoev, one of the most radical Russian composers — that work has been commissioned by the Moscow Philharmonic Society. “This is a large-scale work that tells about the big bang and its pulsating extinctions. The images of the sphere, pulsation and explosion will quite realistically be embodied in the spatial realization of my music in the hall of the Moscow Philharmonic,” says the author.

The concert will bring together more than two hundred performers, including the Yurlov Capella of Russia, the Sveshnikov Russian Choir, soloists Yury Favorin (piano), Andrey Volosovsky (percussion), Makeda Monnet (soprano) and Polina Panina (mezzo-soprano).