Российский Национальный Молодёжный Симфоический Оркестр
201930 December

Night concert “Mom, I’m a Melomaniac” with RNYSO

On February 1, the Russian National Youth Symphony Orchestra will meet with a youth audience in the project “Mom, I am a Melomaniac”.

Night concerts of the Moscow Philharmonic for youth and neophytes were launched three years ago and continue to gain more and more popularity. In the programs “Mom, I am a Melomaniac”, listeners themselves choose the music which will be performed, and the performance of the RNYSO will not be an exception. Voting will begin three weeks before the concert, and everyone will be able to cast their vote for those composers whose compositions they want to hear performed by the Youth Orchestra.

The concert will traditionally begin at 23:00 and will last one hour without intermission. At 22:00, an open lecture will be held, where you can learn more about the works performed. Conductor – Dimitris Botinis, host of the concert – musicologist Yaroslav Timofeev.