20209 December

Concert with Khibla Gerzmava

On December 19, the world opera star Khibla Gerzmava will perform with the Russian National Youth Symphony Orchestra. Vocal programs are still a new direction for the collective, however, the successful experience of performing with Yulia Lezhneva in March 2020 proved that in this capacity the RNYSO shows its best qualities — high professionalism multiplied by the artistry and temperament of young musicians. Maestro Valentin Uryupin will be the conductor in this concert.

Khibla Gerzmava is a true prima donna, her concerts are always a feeling of celebration. At the Tchaikovsky Hall, she will appear in her signature repertoire, with arias from Verdi's operas and vocal miniatures beloved by the audience. Verdi's arias, even without a theatrical entourage, only by the strength of the singer's voice and temperament, make the audience experience a colossal range of feelings, and the miniatures conquer with incredible poetry and charm.